Weekend of relax and exploration

A weekend on a sailboat is something special, specially if it's your first time. The pleasure of sailing, exploring the coast and relaxing in many ways: laying on the deck, drinking an aperitif or swimming in beatiful bays.
The weekend "formula" gives us the time to visit the places you desire without any hurry. The 5Terre area is close to La Spezia, our home port, and is reachable in about 3 hours.

Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso can be our destinations. But in case of trade winds we can also sail al little bit more and visit Sestri Levante, perfect for a night at the dock, and Portofino.

Onboard everybody helps the skipper to manage the boat: manouvering, cooking, cleaning.  But do not worry, it's not too much work and... what you don't know now you'll learn easily onboard!

190 €/person (excl. food and other expenses )
max 7 guests
from friday 6 p.m. to sunday 6 p.m.

We'll welcome you after 6 p.m. at the marina, on friday evening.  Then you'll take place on board, but you only need to store your stuff, then it's time to relax!
A glass of good wine and something tipical to eat as welcome.
Before leaving the dock we must buy food and drinks for 2 days, so we'll quickly write a list all together, keeping in mind everybody's needs. Then the last effort: a "team" goes to the closest supermarket.  As soon as they're back we leave the dock and put the bow on Le Grazie or portovenere cozy villages where to have a very quite mooring and night.

Saturday morning  we'll put the sails and navigate to Portovenere and then 5 Terre. Along the way we can stop for a swim in on of the many little rocky bays. Then, once at 5Terre, we'll choose one or two villages to visit and in the late afternoon, after some swimming and relax, we move in search of a "safe mooring" for the night. Sestri Levante is a fantastic option, if we decide to go north, or Portovenere, if we go back to the Gulf of Poets. In any case fun is guaranteed. During the long turistic season every night you can find events and music in almost every village on the coast.

Sunday morning we can decide to sail and find clear waters where to swim and do snorkeling for istance at Tinetto Rock or decide to visit other villages, or again land on Palmaria Island for a 3 hours light trekking with view of breathtaking landscapes. At last we'll dock again Kudra in La Spezia normally between 5 and 6 p.m.


call us for info and booking