Weekend for sailors and explorers

If you are looking for a bluewater sailing experience then you found it. From La Spezia is possible to reach Corse or Capraia islands in one night. So 2 full nights of sailing are waiting for you! The most intensive sailing experience in "easy cruising" mode.

In case of trade winds the passage can be shorter than 10 hours, otherwise it can take up to 15 h, but in any case fun is guaranteed! Kudra is easy to manouver and fast enough to donate some adrenaline.

190 €/person (excl. food and other expenses )
max 7 guests
from friday 6 p.m. to sunday 6 p.m.

The check-in is around 6 p.m. on friday and, as soon as we're ready with food and all the stuff, we do a deep briefing on kudra's manouvers, safety, and turn-based rotation duties, then move from the dock and start the journey.
All this is possible only in case of good weather forecast for all weekend long (otherwise we'll plan other navigations but close to the coast).
During the night everybody will keep watch and stay at the helm. But do not worry, it's not mandatory!

At sunrise we'll be already in sight of our destination and, once arrived, we'll rest few hours and then go on land to visit a village or go for a swim in clear waters. Both Corse and Capraia are natural parks, so it's easy to see beatiful fishes all around! On saturday night it will be time to weigh anchor and head back to La Spezia, where we'll arrive in the early morning.

There will be time for a long nap and then for visiting Portovenere or other village, or simply relax on deck with a book in the hand.
Onboard everybody helps the skipper to manage the boat: manouvering, cooking, cleaning. But do not worry, it's not too much work and... what you don't know now you'll learn easily onboard!


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